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Best Sauerkraut balls!

I remember the first time I heard someone say…”sauerkraut balls”. I was just a little girl who knew she didn’t like sauerkraut then. I shivered in disgust every time I heard the words. Being young, my mother insisted on me trying these. After a long time of refusing because I just knew I wouldn’t like them, I finally caved and tried one, and I have to tell you, I never saw it the same way again!

Easy Sticky Buns — Hootinanny

Save This Recipe: How to make soft, fluffy, gooey, easy sticky buns at home – with just 5 ingredients! Homemade sticky buns are the ultimate comfort food. And today’s version is so easy, these delicious breakfast pastries almost make themselves! They’re perfect for brunch, holidays, or a comforting dessert, with thick and gooey pecan filling […]

Exquisite Étouffée!

I don’t know about y’all, but I love traditions. I’ve had the same ones for as long as I can remember, and I’m hoping to pass down some of our favorites to our kids so that they can keep the feeling alive with their own families in the future. Of all holidays, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Family comes to town, the weather gets colder, and people are always just so nice compared to the rest of the year!

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

We all know the smell. We love it We CRAVE it! There’s nothing better than walking in a room where the fresh aroma of chocolate chips are baking in the oven. It’s like our own little slice of heaven, if I must say so myself. Back when I was a little girl, my mom used to make these chocolate chip cookies at LEAST once a month, and they were gone the minute they hit the plate!


As mothers, we like to prepare for almost anything and everything that could ever happen in the history of the world, especially if you have a Type A personality like me, which includes over-competitiveness, always feeling like you’re racing against the clock, and a lack of patience. We were told to prepare for labor and delivery with a plan that we and our doctor, doula, or midwife could follow. Let’s call this my L&D plan for short. The birth plan is supposed to be something you prepare in advance that includes what your wishes are during the labor and delivery process, such as whether or not you want any anesthesia or to have a natural birth. You can then share this plan with your doctor to make sure they understand your requests.


When we mention our daughter being born in 2020, everyone keeps saying, “Oh you had a pandemic baby!” No, we just got pregnant before Covid-19 came to the United States. My husband and I have been married for 4 years, and finally decided we were ready to expand our family. We both knew we always wanted kids one day but never happened to be on the same page of when we wanted children. When we first got married, my husband was ready to have kids right away and I was not. He wanted to grow the family right from the start, but I wanted to take our time to travel and see new things.


Growing up, there was not a lot of talk about politics. We were unaware of our parents’, teachers’, preachers’, pastors’, or priests’ points of view. Nobody was very vocal about who they were voting for. Your political affiliations were a private conversation with yourself and not meant to be shared. Today’s society is quite different with people not being afraid to share who they view as the best candidate for our country.


The day after Christmas, two pink lines on a stick forever changed us. Our hearts soared and a jolt of excitement shot from head to toe! We couldn’t wait to expand our family with a baby. We got in touch with our families and brought them together at our home on New Year’s Eve to announce the great news! Everyone was elated and shared our excitement as we celebrated through the night.


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